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Message From The Director, December ’21

Dear Retail Partners,

I understand that our Retail Partners’ business have been affected by the pandemic in different ways and degrees. Other than practicing the new norms to ensure everyone’s safety at the petrol station, our Retail Partners have to also put in their effort, commitment and even creativity to defend the sales and sustain the business.

With the recent development such as our country achieving herd immunity, lifting of interstate travelling ban, resuming of economic activities, ongoing booster vaccination program, border reopening, etc., we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My fellow Retail Partners, do prepare well for the reopening and recovery. We do not need extravaganza ideas to attract customers. The key is to get the basics right – comply with the operational excellence standard set out by Chevron. Let us focus on excelling in the Customer First and Image Stewardship programs. Trust me, your customers will visit and re-visit if these two basic things are done right. As you firmed up the operational foundation, you can then have a clearer mind to strategize in recovering and developing the business.

For that, Pen Petroleum is committed to support our Retail Partners, especially in the StarCard segment. Our team aggressively drove for the StarCard program with the tagline of #4StarCardsBy2021. I am glad to see that through our Retail Team, our Retail Partners are exposed to more StarCard experience and they appreciate the advantages of StarCard now. I wish to thank Chevron’s StarCard Team for giving us the fullest support in promoting StarCard.

Last but not least, allow me to reinforce the importance of being vigilant in preventing the COVID-19 infection. I had previously shared with you the consequences which a station would suffer if a staff is detected with COVID-19 positive. It would lead to a whole station closure for days or weeks. Therefore, please regularly use the self-test kit to monitor all staff’s wellness.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a fruitful journey in year 2022. To those who will be celebrating the auspicious Chinese New Year, I wish you “Gong Xi Fa Cai”.


Dato’ Saw Chang Heng
Executive Chairman
PenPec Group

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