Leading Success in the Petroleum Industry

Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd is the leading branded marketer for Chevron Malaysia Limited. We own and manage a strategic network of Caltex branded petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia to meet the needs of motorists with the mantra “build the ability and drive to ensure every customer leaves happy”.


Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd drives for service excellence, reliability and safety. Focus is placed on the consistent superior execution of Chevron Malaysia Limited and Xpress Point’s policies, programmes and operating procedures to ensure our customers and partners receive the best experience.


We partner with Chevron Malaysia Limited, HYL Marketing Sdn Bhd , retailers, suppliers and associate companies to bring high performance Caltex petroleum products and quality convenience store items to motorists across Peninsular Malaysia.


As a major player in the petroleum retailing industry, we engage in synergic partnerships with an extensive network of Caltex retail service station; to keep abreast of the competitive market. We continually invest for a brighter future, keeping ourselves relevant and ahead with progressive branding exercises, innovating in the latest fuel dispensing equipment, as well as grasping on up-to-date retail optimization and market research insights. We are a recognized trusted partner, having received numerous industry awards including excellent service, partner & customer management and retailing SOP compliance.

Convenience * Comfort * Consistent

Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd (PENPEC GROUP) is the leading branded marketer for Chevron Malaysia Limited. Pen Petroleum owns and manages a strategic network of CALTEX branded petrol stations across Peninsular Malaysia to meet the needs of motorist. Our story began with a simple respond to the rising demands for petroleum; we have grown with steadfast momentum to who we are today. With the core business in fuel and non-fuel of 35 years of experience in the oil & gas and retailing industries, the company today is one of the largest Caltex branded marketer in Peninsular Malaysia with a vast exposure in fuel and non-fuel business. We offer to customers a variety of fuels products, as well as convenience, comfort and consistent retailing services to the motoring public. Started with only 13 petrol stations in 2003, today Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd network has grown to over 120 Caltex branded petrol stations across the peninsular.

Leadership Team

Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd is managed by passionate and highly qualified leaders dedicated to building a premium nationwide petroleum retailing and convenience store network to meet the motoring needs of Malaysia.

Supporting our partners

Our team of qualified engineers and managers guide and support our retailers in maintaining their equipment, petrol stations and convenience stores to provide motorists with a reliable and safe place to refuel their vehicles and persons. Our petrol stations operate in accordance with Chevron Malaysia Limited’s standards, government safety and environmental regulations.


‘Enriching the lives of the community by creating wonderful experiences that will remain an everlasting memory’

There is more to us than just as petroleum providers; we always care for our consumers and seek ways to give back to the wider community who gave us the success that we enjoy today. Thus, we look to equip our customers not only with the necessities, but also offer them wonderful experiences that will retain as positive memories. We want to be part of people’s lives. At Pen Petroleum, it is more than just about fuel for your vehicle, it is a way of life.

A Moments Experience, A Lifetime of Memories

“I have been in the petroleum retailing business for the past 20 years. Dato Rahim, my partner, and I have worked very hard to start up Pen Petroleum Sdn. Bhd., and grow it over the years. It was not easy.

Today, Pen Petroleum Sdn. Bhd. is a leading Branded Marketer for Chevron Malaysia Limited and we have more than 120 Caltex service stations in Chevron Malaysia Limited retailing network in Peninsular Malaysia.

Dato Rahim and I are pioneers in this business model and we are very happy with our progress.

Our plan is to strengthen our network and to grow it to more than 150 petrol stations over the next 5 years.”

Dato Saw Chang Heng
Executive Chairman, Pen Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.

“Petroleum retailing is a challenging trade and I am glad that at Pen Petroleum Sdn. Bhd., we have a dedicated team to guide, support and coach our retailers in this competitive business.

Chevron Malaysia Limited’s support has also been very encouraging and we appreciate our retailer’s positive cooperation. We will continue to learn and acquire skills on the petroleum retailing business and we will strive to be a successful leading Chevron Branded Marketer.

I believe in us being compliant consistently as we execute the operating procedure provided by Chevron Malaysia Limited, and together with our retailers, we have to ensure that their stations including facilities, image and service are competitive and reliable.

Recent market surveys have shown that branded convenience stores are critical for fuel growth owing to intense competition. I am pleased that our Xpress Point Stores have expanded over the years and we have been able to negotiate better prices, discounts and promotional support on a yearly basis for our Xpress Point retailers. We will certainly continue to support our associate company, HYL Marketing Sdn Bhd, in this convenience store segment.”

Miss Saw Siam Ching
Group General Manager, Pen Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.

Aspire for A Greater Tomorrow

  1. Innovation – We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by continually identifying ideas and inventing new ways that add value for our customers, shareholders and retail partners, besides keeping us in a leading position within this dynamic industry. We are innovating change.
  2. Optimization – We are constantly looking at alternatives to support our retail partners to further optimize their business processes, in the effort to attain the most cost efficient and highest achievable performance. As such, we work with different people, such as store experience experts and consultants to receive their expert input.

Our Vision

To be a leading and respectable Petroleum Brand Marketer and Pacesetting C-Store network transformer renowned for our People, Partnership and Performance.

Our Mission

  • A top tier service-oriented fuels and convenience store network under the Caltex and Xpress Point brands.
  • A win-win value creating relationship with our retailers, investors, co-brands and vendors.
  • A competent and positive employee centric community aspiring for performance excellence.

Our Core Value

By working in partnership with our employees and retail partners, we will continue to provide our customers with extraordinary service. Our values, T.A.C.T.I.C., are central to us as a company that guide us towards new endeavours that will enhance our service.


Trusting and supporting each other as individuals and as a team.


Taking accountability for our own performance and that of our the team in line with our Corporate Values, Mission, Strategic and Tactical Plans.


Knowing what to do, how to do and creating results positively.


Caring, helpful, supportive and sensible.


Being honest, truthful and consistent in behaviour.

Customer Focus

Treating and responding to our customers with care, concern and professionalism.

Wow! A pacesetter in enriching Propositions, Partnership and Execution by year 2027.

“Strategically, we need to be bold, and set a direction for Pen Pec group that goes beyond a jobber, beyond a branded marketer.” exclaimed our Chairman, Dato Saw Chang Heng, during our strategy review meeting.
This statement started the think tank session for the leadership team in evaluating and analysing the petroleum retailing market, and for how Pen Pec should position itself over the next few years, for our customers, to be at least at par with our competitors, and being smaller and more versatile, to be even better in executing strategies and tactics. We needed to focus on creating fun and joy for our customers across our network and to also cater for the “newer” needs and expectations for food and beverages at key urban and highway sites, yet not forgetting the basics of our retailing business in safety, fuel quality and service. Pen Pec’s team concluded on a strategic intent that reflects and offers these values to our customers that we want to achieve by the year 2023 for the mutual benefits of all our stakeholders i.e. our retailers, vendors and other business stakeholders: Wow! A pacesetter in enriching Propositions, Partnership and Execution by year 2027 through clearly defined strategies in convenience retailing, operational excellence, co brand partnering and other relevant motoring services. The team agreed that the intent, ultimately targeting our customers’ needs and expectations, will excite our people, support our partnering with our retailers, build confidence for potential investors and create a win-win relationship with our suppliers and vendors.