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Cashback Roaring

This Chinese New Year, our Retail Partners were very excited about the return of the most anticipated promotion – Caltex’s Shopee Cashback campaign.

Back in Pen Petroleum’s office, we were equally thrilled by the campaign. As many other Caltex customers out there, we loved cashback. The very first Caltex Cashback Promotion held in November 2020 / March 2021 was still a heat topic of discussion until today.

Learning from the past experience, Pen Petroleum produced a quick tutorial video to demonstrate how to purchase the cashback voucher from Shopee. With this video, our Retail Partners and station staff can understand the mechanism pretty easily. They can also share the video to their customer, family and friends. The aim is to create the viral effect to drive the exciting promotion to a higher level.

You may view our video here:

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