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Message From The Director, Jan’21

When the third wave of COVID-19 struck Malaysia, non-essential travelling started to reduce. The number of positive cases rocketed in November and there came the nationwide CMCO re-implementation again. As foreseen, petrol station sales volume declined again. Retailers are further compelled to incur higher operating and staffing cost in compliance of the SOPs imposed. Despite faced with cash flow problem, many retailers were able to respond to the crisis more steadily than before, probably because of the experience absorbed during the first and second waves. I am glad to see most of our retailers seizing every opportunity to mitigate their business loss amidst the hardship.

I am thankful that throughout the pandemic year, Pen Petroleum is always being supported by our principal, Chevron Malaysia Limited. Chevron hand held us to walk through the critical times by granting various forms of timely assistance to our retailers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chevron leadership for the unwavering support, guidance and tolerance given along the way.

To our valued Retail Partners, on behalf of Pen Petroleum, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you who worked extremely hard to survive year 2020 with us. Regardless of whether you are experienced or new retailers, thank you for your commitment in honoring our business relationship. Pen Petroleum would not be standing firm in the industry and be selected as the Best Branded Marketer of Chevron but for your support. With the recent announcement that allowed interstate traveling, as well as the discontinuance of CMCO at most areas, I urge all Retail Partners to continue to drive our recovery plan – ‘Bersih & Selamat CaltexKu’ by providing a clean and safe environment for  our customers to pump and shop with us worry-free. In the meantime, our team gathered some motivating success stories into this bulletin. You will definitely be inspired by them. Let us learn from each other to bring our business to the next level.

On top of that, I would like to thank our collaborating vendors and providers for trusting our marketing program and directions. Last but not least, I wish to thank all employees in PenPec Group for your wholehearted contribution throughout the year.

I fervently hope that we can flatten the curve in Malaysia. I also take this opportunity to wish all of you a safe, healthy and fruitful year 2021 ahead.

Saw Chang Heng
Executive Chairman
PenPec Group

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