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Customer First Ambassadors

              “My staff always forget to wear name tag!”

              “I trained my cashier many times, but he still missed out the greetings!”

              “During peak hour, we have to skip loyalty card questions due to long queue customers!”


Familiar with the above scenarios?

In petrol station business, we are always busy, to the extent that sometimes we inadvertently neglected the standard customer service procedures to be followed. Today, we interviewed Othomats Holding (M) Sdn Bhd in Kelantan and Lean Huat in Penang – these stations hit 100% in CF score throughout all quarters in year 2020. Let’s see what are the secret behind their success, and how do they overcome the common challenges in CF.


Othomats Holding Sdn Bhd (Panji) & Othomats Holding Sdn Bhd (Panchor):

“Dahulunya, kelemahan utama kedua-dua stesen Othomats Panji dan Panchor dari segi operasi adalah perkhidmatan pelanggan yang akan mempengarushi markah CF setiap kuater. Untuk menangani masalah tersebut, cara kami ialah membuat satu kumpulan WhatsApp untuk staf bagi melaporkan jumlah tebusan setiap hari dan tetapkan target wajib iaitu mesti melebihi RM100 setiap hari. Sekiranya dalam satu bulan jumlah tebusan melebihi RM3000, kami akan memilih 3 staf yang mengumpul paling banyak tebusan dan memberi ganjaran atau insentif berbentuk wang tunai kepada mereka. Kami akan ambil gambar dan muat naik ke dalam kumpulan WhatsApp tersebut untuk memberi semangat kepada staf-staf yang lain. Kami lakukan perkara ini setiap bulan dan berjaya menaikkan markah CF.   Selain itu, sekiranya ada berlaku kekurangan markah pada mana-mana bahagian yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku, kami akan cepat-cepat membuat rayuan dan kami bersyukur setiap rayuan yang kami buat diterima oleh pihak Chevron.”

— Puan Suria Ibrahim & Puan Afida Othman, Rakan Niaga












Lean Huat:

“Our station has been operating for more than 50 years. Based on my experience, the primary factor to maintain CF scoring is effective staff management. We will train our staff consistently. I like leading by example to make the training more meaningful, for instance I would greet all customers at our station. Also, I practice hands-on approach as far as cleanliness is concerned, by participating in the cleaning of forecourt, mart and toilet areas. Through this approach, my staff will automatically mirror me in carrying out customer service. We focused on three main strategies in achieving 100% CF Score. First, our staffs are trained to aggressively promote Journey Card in sign-ups and redemption. Secondly, we consistently remind our staff to maintain a courteous and cheerful tone when speaking to customers. It is extremely important to make our customers feel appreciated and welcomed by us. Thirdly, creating rapport with customers. To us, good customer service definitely helps to retain customers. I am always touched when our customer feedback that they feel like “a friend cum customer” during their patronage to our station because of the consistent greeting and friendly small talk initiated by our staff. Some senior customers told us that our friendly forecourt staffs were so passionate in offering help whenever necessary, most of the times they do not even need to ask.”

— Ms. Alicia Lee, Retail Partner

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