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The Cashback Mania

Cashback saga is no longer stranger to retailing industry. We certainly agree that ewallet cash back is the market trend. It is an essential marketing strategy for petrol station business to stay competitive.

We are proud to see that Caltex followed the market trend and stood out astonishingly well among the competitors by launching the ShopeePay Cashback national promotion in November 2020.

It started with getting RM4 rebate with a minimum RM40 pump. In March 2021, the mechanism has been elevated to RM8 cashback for every RM30 pump, which is close to a huge 27% instant rebate.

We received so many happy feedback from our retailers and customers. Some have been asking will there be a 2.0 Caltex ShopeePay.

Caltex Greenlane (Pen Harmoni Sdn Bhd) has recorded one of the highest ShopeePay transactions throughout the program. “The cashback return is shockingly attractive. I noticed it has successfully converted competitor’s customers to Caltex, as I saw many new faces customers come pumping at our station. We took the opportunity to retain these customers via signing up Journey™ Card. We also upsell how Caltex Techron fuels are of better quality than other brands,” said Miss Jo, the station supervisor.Some existing customers of senior age also tried to explore using ShopeePay. Our staff will be there to guide them step by step, including how to download, reload and perform transaction. And of course, they were very happy with such customer service on top of the cashback received. The perk is, once they are familiarized with using cashless payment, they will also enjoy using all other ewallet channels available at our station.


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