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Stars On The Stage

Customer First is one of the most important operational excellence elements in Caltex’s business. At each quarter of the year, a mystery shopper will carry out an assessment at our petrol stations. This is the time where a station will be tested on their customer service overall performance. The key areas of performance that will be assessed include forecourt and store presentation, customer service in store (greetings and confirming transaction), loyalty program upselling and restroom.

The standard passing mark for Customer First program is 92%. In this pandemic year 2020, Customer First was assessed during Quarter 1, 3 and 4. Overall, the average score achieved by Pen Petroleum’s network is 90.20% (Q1), 92.90% (Q3) and 91.9% (Q4). There is so much room for improvement for all of us.

In this bulletin, we will share some success stories from those top performing stations – let us learn some tips from them and apply into our practices. For those who did not hit 92%, do not give up. Work harder this year. Believe in yourself that you can shine bright on the stage with flying colours CF result in year 2021. Together we thrive!

Meanwhile, Pen Petroleum wished to recognize the excellent CF Score achievers for year 2020 through the video below. Congratulations to all of you.

#ShineBright #ShineCF

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