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Jom Kibar Jalur Gemilang Bersama Caltex

In conjunction with the National Day and Malaysia Day 2021, Pen Petroleum and Xpress Point launched the program themed “Jom Kibar Jalur Gemilang Bersama Caltex” across our network. The Caltex stations which spearheaded this program include AA&T Resources Sdn Bhd, Adri Emas Sdn Bhd, Pen Harmoni Sdn Bhd, Yun Sinar Bahagia Enterprise, CF Service Station and Mayang Mass Trading, and we are glad to know that more and more Caltex stations are joining us in this campaign!

Under this program, the stations put up lively and attractive Jalur Gemilang inspired decorations in their mart and forecourt. Each station’s decorations are unique and creative. KUDOS to the talented Retail Partners and staffs! We trust that by creating such a patriotic ambience in our stations, we can lift up the ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ spirit amongst the local community in celebrating this meaningful month with us while battling the pandemic.

We also distributed 200 candy flags and 100 packets of wet tissue to each station for them to give away to customers. At certain sites, we also give out complimentary flags to customers who pumped at our Caltex station.

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