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CaltexKu SPM Star Award

The Caltexku SPM Star Award was organized by Pen Petroleum Sdn Bhd to celebrate the students who achieved flying colours result in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) Examination 2020. The winners of this program are Goh Wen Zeng (10A), Low Zhi Xin (10A), Ng Li Fen (9A), Adam Zikry bin Lizam (8A) and Nur Nabilah binti Mad Nizar (8A). We are so proud to say that these students are the family members of Caltex staff under Pen Petroleum’s network.

This is the first time we organize this program. We wish to extend our reward program to our staff’s family member. We award RM200 for those who scored 10As or above and RM100 for those who scored 8 or 9As,” said Saw Mei Yee, the Deputy General Manager of PenPec Group. “We are so happy for the students who are qualified for the prizes! Syabas, well done!

Goh Wen Zeng and Low Zhi Xin, both 10A scorers, used to work as part-timers at our Caltex stations. They thanked our Retail Partners at Pen Harmoni Sdn Bhd and Teik Sang Service Station as well as the staff who gave them a lot of guidance while working at the station. They learnt about Caltex operational excellence such as customer service, inventory management, cash management etc.

Goh Wen Zeng
Low Zhi Xin











Whereas for Nur Nabilah Nizar and Adam Zikry Lizam, the ‘Super Strikas’ animated slot has attracted their interest in Caltex. They learned that Techron is an additive patented by Chevron Corporation (Caltex) and their family are loyal users of the Caltex brand.

Nur Nabilah Nizar
Adam Zikry Lizam










Ng Li Fen








Ng Li Fen shared that revision by referring to the past year’s questions and focusing on online learning (PdPR) is the key to her success.



One of the challenges faced by most of them is the occurrence of internet disruptions during the ongoing PdPR. With words of encouragement and support from their parents, these five students managed to succeed in SPM 2020. “Prepare early; avoid doing last minute revision because practice makes perfect” are their messages to prospective candidates for SPM 2021.

This proves that the COVID-19 pandemic is not an obstacle to strive for excellence and their success is a source of inspiration to other students. We at Pen Petroleum wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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