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Welcome to our E-Bulletin

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the PenPec eBulletin!

PenPec eBulletin aims to channel information including news, success stories and best practices in Pen Petroleum’s network to our readers. It is one of the avenues for us to consistently stay connected with our business partners. This eBulletin is published in a mix of bi-lingual format, namely English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Kudos to all team members who contributed to this online bulletin.

To our valued retail partners, I am inviting you to be part of our eBulletin. Do not be shy to share with us (and our readers) your proud moments during your journey with Caltex and PenPec. For every testimonial/success story that we featured on eBulletin, we will reward the station with a mysterious gift. You are welcomed to share your stories with us by emailing it to your retail business consultant.

Lastly, enjoy reading our eBulletin!

The Editor
PenPec eBulletin