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Happening In Xpress Point – Nov & Dec ’20

  • bi-monthly promotion

Xpress Point is launching the latest promotion – ‘GANDAKAN KECERIAAN & KERIANGAN’ which will be effective from 1 November to 31 December 2020. With the support from Xpress Point vendors, our customers get to enjoy exclusive discount when they shop at Xpress Point. You may also find some exciting new products at our shelf such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Bites, Nabati Wafer (4 flavours) and Sunrise Muruku. Yummzz! Great savings with new product experience – come on, there is no other better ways to end this year!

  • collaboration with Food Panda

Xpress Point is now on pandamart! As we all know, mart delivery service is trending up. We are pleased to collaborate with Food Panda, one of the emerging online ordering brands in Malaysia. Ladies and gentleman, stay at home, Xpress Point will come to you!

“We did not hesitant to sign up pandamart because it involves zero-cost. The operation was fairly hassle-free, we just need to prepare the ordered goods and wait for foodpanda to pick-up and deliver them to our customers. To our surprise, our sales increased in terms of numbers of SKUs sold. The effect is beyond our expectation! Tiap-tiap hari ada transaksi. ” shared by Puan Nadia from AA&T Resouces Sdn Bhd (Caltex Hutan Kampung).

  • collaboration with Just Us Event

Meanwhile in Selangor, we converted some space at station forecourt to be temporary RFiD fitment bay, where customers can fit the RFiD tags on their vehicle with the assistance of professional RFiD service providers. Needless to say, foot traffic to the stations involved has seen an increase.

Jom join Xpress Point now! Reward your customers with fun and exciting experience to keep your station the most popular destination at your trading area.